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 Customizing Harmony's standard User Interface [UI] 


Harmony standard UI can easily be changed using a so-called 'Theme' sheet. Logo, fonts and colors can be defined. The 'Theme" sheet is, like all Harmony sheets, a Google spreadsheet.


Support your own User eXperience


Increasingly,  companies are looking to design their UI from scratch; this obviously involves the  expertise of Visual Designers and/or Interaction Designers.  Implement the design(s) using Harmony's  JavaScript library.

Create any application: database, workflows and UI


Harmony connects business users, who focus on functionality and Visual Designers, who focus on best User eXperience. The results are visual designs (.psd files) and a ready-to-use  Harmony application


All Harmony  applications are "runtime", production, ready, systems. Start using immediately, no need to write any additional code. 


Use 'real' data to align Visual Designs with the business process 


When creating your Harmomy app, real data should be used ; it'll align your VD's and make testing significantly faster. Read about D3: Data Driven Development here

Turning visual designs into "code"


Once the designs  and the Harmony app are ready the design will  be generated into "executable" code and connected to the Harmony app.


Converting the visual design to a template


Our software factory converts the VD's, implements the resulting template [code]  and tests the application in all required formats (desktop, tablet and smartphone)  on the required devices (iOS, Android and Windows) using a variety of browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari and IE)

Harmony Release 4.0:  User Interface [UI] customization 

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Visual Designers help you to create the best User eXperience ...


... providing the  UX that best matches your [user] requirements. 


Our Software Factory turns the Visual Designs in code


The result is one, very well tested,  application with your best User Interface for the processes that you  have  implemented (configured).


Change & extend: you can do it !


The "beauty" of all this; your custom application(UI)  is easy to change. Add new worfkflow steps or additional items [to workflow steps] and a new version is ready within 90 seconds,





Responsive UI (mobile, tablet) supported


All Harmony  apps run on smart phones (iPhone, Android phones) and tablet. The desktop "absent" application is re-sized and the Menu is displayed in the appropriate style.



Harmony User Interface productivity explained: software factory concepts applied


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All your apps use the latest UI guidelines: Google material design


Google has launched a new initiative; material design, a visual languagthat synthesizes the classic principles of good design with the innovation and possibility of technology and science.


Their goal is to develop a single underlying system that allows for a unified experience across platforms and device sizes. Mobile precepts are fundamental, but touch, voice, mouse, and keyboard are all first-class input methods



The savings by Harmony and our agile, Data Driven Development process 


Developing IT systems as outlined above will save you lots of time and money. Creating (configuring) the Harmony application usually saves you 60% to 80. Creating/implementing your visual designs, using the Harmony JavaScript library saves you at least 20%. 


Software factory increases reliability and quality at lower costs


Our software factory process guarantees high quality levels and we have a number of  scale-up options to shorten development times. All at a cost that's on average 40% lower than comparable local vendors.